Our Mission

The “People Potential” is at the heart of Leaders Within. Leader is not a position or a title. It is the emergence of personal abilities to take the same view seen by all and see the possibilities and then chart the course to navigate ensuring the final destination is reached. At the center of all these journeys are the people. You are the people. Sometimes you are people by yourself and other times, you are people part of teams and larger organizations. Your potential, your ability to arrive at your position of greatest strength is your leader within. Our mission is to work with individuals, teams, and organizations on this journey to discovering the leader within. Helping individuals appreciate their value-added to the conversation drives them to achieving their highest potential. It is at the center of everything about Leaders Within. Everyday, challenges and obstacles are thrown in our way of reaching our goals. The “People Potential” embraces these challenges as a way of making sure the final product is the absolute best it can be. We work in partnership with this potential to achieve greatness that sticks!



I am a servant leader. I believe investing in others is my calling. I have benefited from the mentoring of several wonderful leaders. They gave to me in situations when it was not required, yet they did it anyway. These mentors saw qualities and talents in me I did not see in myself. They challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort circles and to embrace opportunities for the sake of seeing what they could provide. I can think of no greater gift and I have spent the last 15 years paying it forward.

My curiosity is leadership development. Not just people to take charge and share a vision, but authentic leaders, who understand and live a humanistic approach to life. I lead by learning where these emerging leaders are, how they got there and what drives them to seek personal growth. I share my experiences and strategies based on their identified goals and curiosities.

I work with others to identify and use their bold voice to drive excellence. I believe we need to use our bold voice for the things that matter. A bold voice is a voice that comes from the passion of your soul and carries your expertise, your value added into the conversation. To have a bold voice you must have competence so you speak with facts and not emotion. You must have curiosity so you learn from others, which in turn clears confusion and broadens learning. You must have courage to bring issues into the light, regardless of the risk. And you must have compassion ensuring you are sensitive to the needs and talents of others.

I am an innovator. I not only embrace change, but I see opportunities instead of barriers. When working on bringing a vision to reality, I am not blinded to the challenges, but I see them as just something to be addressed, not to run away from and hide. I love disruptive thinking. I am tired of the “tried and true” method of approaching new opportunities. A friend of mine once said “You don’t have to think out of the box if you design the box”. I really like that way of thinking. I think it captures the spirit of an innovator.

In summary, my greatest strengths come from knowing myself, investing in my growth and standing up for what I believe is important. I value the contributions of others and help them gain access to their passions and curiosities by listening to their stories. I thrive on challenges others steer away from attempting, and I look at things through new eyes, ones fixed on creating an environment of purpose, pride, and accountability.