Coaching Services

We each have strengths and weaknesses. Actually, at Leaders Within, we believe your strengths are your weaknesses and your weaknesses are your strengths. The work ahead of you is in discovering how and when to tap into the strengths and when to keep them at bay. Consider this, you are a very confident individual. This is a strength. However, sometimes, your confidence gets in your way. Maybe it puts off a co-worker who sees your confidence more like arrogance. Is it wrong to be confident? Not really, but it is important to know when to step out and when to step back or even just stay in place. We equate it to knowing when to turn up your flame and when to turn it down. This balance is important. Full flame in the wrong setting will produce disaster; yet not turning up the flame in another instance can produce the same, suboptimal result. We work with individuals and teams to understand the strengths and the weaknesses and find strategies to use each in appropriate settings. Uncovering who you are and what you stand for, ensures the use of your bold voice in the most productive manner, catapulting you to achieve your goals. Let us help you realize what you love about life, about work, and about your future.